As you lead your team forward, you probably are impressed or grateful for your employees’ good work. But do your employees know this? Not giving recognition to deserving employees can bring down motivation and productivity as well as employee morale in your company. Recognizing the hard work of employees frequently will build trust and motivation in your company. Here is some advice on giving employees recognition:

Make it Public

When possible, highlight a job well done in front of an employee’s co-workers. This will make it clear to the team what actions and behaviors are valued by the company. Work to create a culture where give each other recognition without prompting.

Say “Thank You”

This may sound very simple. It is simple. But you would be surprised at the amount of times you’ve neglected to thank someone who deserved it. Make saying “thank you” a habit, for even the smallest things. Your employees will enjoy the small recognitions and will likely return the gratitude to you and their co-workers. This will make your employees more motivated and grateful as they work.

Give Rewards

Verbal gratitude isn’t the only way to give recognition. Another way is through rewards. Rewards can be anything from bonuses to a favorite candy bar. You can get creative with rewards and do something fun or you can go a more traditional route. Either way, make sure the rewards you give are deserved, reasonable, and not offensive in any way. 

If you are feeling grateful for the work someone is doing, tell them. Make employee recognition a regular part of your day.