Grow with a PEO

7-9% faster growth

Small businesses using a PEO grow 7% to 9% faster than other small businesses not using PEOs.*

16% more likely profitable

PEO clients were 16% more likely to report an increase in profitability compared to those not using a PEO.*

40% greater revenue

Expected annual median revenue growth for PEO clients is 40% greater than comparable non-PEO firms.*

*Data from

Learn how working with a PEO
drives small business growth

Our clients save time and money and enjoy greater business growth when they maximize their:

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Case Study: Finicity

Finicity began as a small, Utah-based start-up focused on a personal financial management application (then called Mvelopes) with only a few employees, including founders Nick Thomas and Steve Smith. As technology evolved, so did the company, becoming one of the most recognized fintech companies associated with open banking.

Finicity began working with Helpside in 2001 shortly after their company was founded. During our 20-year partnership, Finicity grew to over 250 employees in more than 20 states. In 2021, the company was acquired by Mastercard, expanding the company into a global organization with nearly 900 employees.

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The ROI of Helpside

The annual return on investment, or overall cost savings, from using a PEO is estimated at 27.2%. Here are other benefits Helpside clients have experienced:


Decreased employee benefits costs and increased employee benefits options

Helpside offers six different health plans, four dental plans and three vision plans plus additional supplemental benefits at a cost that is typically 10-15% lower than other comparable options. This allows you to customize the perfect benefits package for your employees.

Increased compliance in payroll, benefits, HR, and employee safety

The regulations imposed on employers are ever increasing. Helpside employs experts in payroll, benefits, human resources, workers’ compensation, and employee safety to help you simplify the complicated world of employment and keep your company in compliance, avoiding costly fines and lawsuits.


Increased employee retention and decreased costly employee turnover

Employee turnover for PEO clients is 10-14% lower than comparable companies that do not use a PEO.* Offering a wide variety of benefits, giving employees access to their payroll information online, and creating increased efficiencies makes your company a more desirable place to work.


Decreased employee administration allows leaders to focus on growth

Removing the burden of payroll processing, unemployment claims processing, employee benefits administration, workers’ compensation administration, and much more from a small business leader allows you to focus on areas of the business that impact the bottom-line and overall business growth.

Individualized attention backed by smart HR technology. That’s Helpside.

Helpside provides HR technology and solutions that recognize employees are humans. Enjoy self-service? Employees have access to their payroll and benefits information online 24/7 on their computer or mobile device. Need to talk to someone? Reach out to our Client Support Specialists via phone, email, or live chat. We are ready to answer your questions.

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Becca WilliamsBecca Williams
22:07 28 Jul 22
Helpside is an incredible company to work with! They have amazingly fast response times. Everyone on the team is so nice and helpful. No matter how small or big my question is, they help me with them. They have a great customer service line for our employees to chat through questions they might have. They have great HR resources and are just a phone call away to answer any employee relation questions that I might need a second opinion on. They have done trainings for our team. Their platform is easy to use. But again, their team is incredible and one of the reasons that makes Helpside so great!
Megan HenningsonMegan Henningson
22:33 14 Jul 22
Our company has used Helpside for several years and I have always found them to be very responsive and supportive. I appreciate them taking the time to answer all my questions and help me gain understanding. Each representative of Helpside I have spoken with directly or emailed, regardless of department, has left me knowing I can always reach out even for small things. Its nice having Helpside on my team and I highly recommend them to anyone!
Kerry MilneKerry Milne
18:25 12 Jul 22
We have used Helpside for our HR and Payroll needs for over two years. Since opening in June of 2020, we have been extremely satisfied with the quality, value and professionalism with every payroll run. Also, we have leaned on HR at Helpside to help with a few separate issues that have come up during day to day operations and they have been amazing. We highly recommend Helpside!
Braden PrinceBraden Prince
20:20 05 Jul 22
I've worked with Helpside for over 2 years and its been a great experience. Their website is easy and intuitive and I've never had any issue. Working with their claims department has been almost effortless and the support from Raul and Josh their safety professionals has been incredible. Dealing with people and not machines. Would recommend 100%
Audrey RockAudrey Rock
20:12 24 Jun 22
We have been using Helpside for over 2 years. We have had an awesome experience with our 9 companies that we have with them. We will be adding 2-3 more this summer! They are very responsive. They have specialists in every department that use their knowledge in their area of expertise to help us to run the HR and payroll aspect of our businesses better. We have come across several scenarios that we didn't know which direction to take, and they were able to walk us through those scenarios with different options and helped us choose which was best for our businesses. They are easy to contact and take a lot off of our shoulders. We are very happy with the staff and services at Helpside.