Remote work certainly isn’t for everyone. Remote workers can struggle with the lack of communication, keeping a work-life balance, and the reduced social interaction. For whatever reason, you probably have at least one worker that is struggling with the remote work environment. Here are some ways to help your struggling remote workers:

Hold Frequent Check-Ins

No employee is the same as another. Each will have their own difficulties and ways of overcoming them. Figuring out the best way to help individual employees will help you help them faster and more efficiently. Hold frequent one-on-one check-ins to best evaluate how your employees are doing. Ask about what they need as an individual and how you can assist them in their work.

Be Empathetic

It’s amazing how much better you feel when someone else validates your struggles. When your remote employees come to you with their own struggles, first, offer empathy. Express how you understand that what they’re going through is hard and that you wish it wasn’t that wayListen fully to their troubles and make it obvious that you care how they feel. However, even as you extend empathy, you can’t lower your expectations. Make it clear that you won’t allow their work quality to fall, even if things are hard.

Focus on Something Bigger

While working remotely, it can be hard to see how your work is affecting the company, or if it’s making any difference at all. When giving your remote employees new projects, tie the project’s impact back to the larger company goals. This will give employees more motivation because they can tell their work is being helpful. Also be sure to show your appreciation and give all employees recognition for a job well done.

Use this advice to help your remote employees become the best they can be in spite of struggles.