Today is National Employee Appreciation Day! We love having the opportunity to celebrate some of the outstanding employees that work with our clients. Their hard work and dedication truly makes these organizations and our communities better. While we aren’t able to highlight every great employee, here are some of the stories we received from our clients:

Charles N. – Elite Housing of Springville

Charlie is a genuine team player!  Recently, when we received a lot of snow on our sales lot, he called to volunteer to come in for a couple of hours in the morning to help with snow removal, then came back later and worked his closing shift. He is happy, kind, and courteous when assisting customers, allowing them to feel their importance to our business. He is a highly valued asset at Elite Housing. Nominated by Darrell Mecham

Ryan M. – Gerhart Cole

I would like to nominate Ryan M. for the employee that makes a difference in our company.  Ryan is a hard worker, pulling long hours and always getting the job done. Ryan works well with all the employees and is always looking for ways to help others. Ryan is very detail oriented and is very proficient at completing whatever task he is working on. Ryan always has a positive attitude and has a way of making everyone smile.  We are very lucky to have Ryan at our company, and he definitely deserves to be recognized for his hard work and commitment. Great job Ryan! Nominated by Amy Merrill

Jenny D. – The Hut Group

I would like to nominate my Payroll Clerk, Jenny D. There is one word that best describes Jenny: Remarkable! She always has a positive attitude regardless of the situation. She is dependable, hardworking, smart, organized, and just fun to be around! Even though her job is to handle payroll, she helps out in HR, Benefits, or wherever she is needed. She is always willing to go the extra mile for our employees with a smile on her face! She truly makes my life easier by taking things off my plate when I am spread thin. Very rarely do you get a chance to work with a gem like Jenny! She is definitely one of a kind! Nominated by Elizabeth Downs

James L. and Robby G. – Global Surveillance

We at Global Surveillance are surrounded by great employees in both our UT and ID offices. One employee in each of our offices has made a huge difference and impact on the rest of our staff.  James L. and Robby G. have shown their dedication and commitment to our company. Each of these men lead their guys by example and always have the company’s best interest in mind. It is employees like these that truly make running a small business worth it. Nominated by Preston Colston

Colby Z. – Disruptive Advertising

Colby accepted a new management role in 2017 and has worked very hard to become a great leader, learn the new systems, improve communications and strives to meet deadlines timely. He has really stepped up the professionalism and we appreciate the opportunity to work with him. Nominated by Kristie McClure

Nic B. – eLearning Bros

It’s always so hard to choose just one awesome employee each year for this award. This year, eLearning Brothers would like to nominate Nic for Employee Appreciation Day. Nic manages our production and creative teams and is always wearing many hats. Not only is he a stellar Graphic Designer, Nic plays a critical role in making sure our website is up and running and is always updated with the most up-to-date product offerings.  Nic is responsible for keeping the product team working on new ideas, brand management, and this past year, was instrumental in making sure our new product offering of Customizable Courseware was designed, developed, and deployed. Our eLB team feels very fortunate to have Nic on our team, he is a real asset to the team and fun to work. Nominated by Rosie Doke

Abby L. –  Pennbridge Lodging

Abby has been with Pennbridge Lodging and the Towneplace Suites and Fairfield Inn and Suites in Orem for over two years and with Pennbridge Lodging at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Murray a year prior to that.  She brings professionalism and a great personality to work each day and is a positive influence to those around her. Abby has built strong relationships with a large amount of corporate clients in Utah Valley which brings fantastic business to our hotels each week. Nominated by Mike Webster

Michele – Escape Day Spa & Boutique

There are so many good things I can say about all of the employees however, Michele seems to be the one who stands out today.  She is always doing her best to help everyone else out and make things run smoothly she is very friendly, kind and helpful to customers who have questions or need help.  She loves to train and educate the rest of the staff and make sure that everyone can deliver top notch customer service.  Without her, things wouldn’t run as smoothly as they do. Nominated by Misty Hay

Chris K. – Robertson’s Marine

I would like to recognize Chris Kinross. He works in our parts department.  Recently, one of our employees fell down and broke his wrist.  He would be out of work for a couple of weeks.  Chris didn’t hesitate one minute to step up and take over for the missing employee.  He was not hesitant at all.  He just said, “I’ll do what it takes.” We like that about him.  Just about anything that needs to be done Chris is right there pitching in.  He had to learn ordering and receiving, and he had to learn it fast.  Now he is doing the work of two employees and we sure appreciate it.  So, this comes at a good time to recognize Chris for the great job he is doing. Nominated by Susan Robertson

Betty W. – Intermountain New Holland

Betty has been such a great asset to the Intermountain New Holland team since the Twin Falls location was acquired 15 months ago.  She previously worked at the Twin Falls, Idaho New Holland store and brought us 20 years of experience in the parts department! We value the contribution that she brings to the parts department and at Intermountain New Holland every single day. Betty adds value to the company by being a team player, having a great attitude every day, and always showing passion for her position in the company. Apart from excelling at her position, Betty respects her fellow co-workers and is always willing to help and add suggestions where she sees it’s needed. Having a good attitude means having a good mindset and having Betty on the team brings positivity to our workplace and to our customers. We appreciate her efforts and they do not go unnoticed by both her co-workers and the board of directors. Nominated by Jay Lagunas

Zach K. – ISSIMO

I wanted to congratulate Zach Kempf on a fantastic job on the Laudato Sì Challenge video, “Think a New Thought.” It has sparked some great interest from so many people who saw it. I know you had a crazy rush at the end to get it done. Thanks for all you do. Nominated by Jacob Hoehne

Shannon W. – Alpine Tiny Homes

The employee we’d like to nominate is Shannon. He’s been working overtime to get this current tiny home completed and has continually stepped up to every task that is necessary in order to complete the home.  He’s done everything from building cabinets to sweeping out the shop.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without his help. Nominated by Brian Hawkins

Tyler P. – Precision Exams

I would like to nominate Tyler as our outstanding employee this year.  He is director of operations and is the jack of all trades.  He picks up the slack whenever anything is needed.  Most importantly, he keeps everyone’s computers going, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.  If we have anything broken, he fixes it or gets someone to fix it.  He installs shelves, he installed the security system, he answers technical questions, he answers the customer service questions that no one else can come up with answers to.  He helps with development of operations.  He is dedicated to doing his job with a great attitude.  We truly couldn’t function without him. Nominated by Audrey Nielsen

Darren – High Altitude Electric

I started my company this year and I was extremely selective in choosing my first employee. I wanted someone who understood my vision and could help my company succeed. Darren was my first journeyman and has not only met those expectations, but he has gone above and beyond his responsibilities to accomplish the work we do. He works with integrity and I know my customers and other employees can see that about him. In our industry we are constantly faced with schedule changes and added instruction. Darren has a positive attitude to handle change and problem-solving skills that keep our work running smoothly. He also has a great sense of humor. It’s been great to seeing our employees enjoy coming into work every day and I know his personality has helped create that atmosphere. I have handfuls of examples that explain his value as an employee and it all boils down to will and skill. He has the will power to accomplish a job and the skill to get it done right! Nominated by Daron Hughes

Sara L. – Wholesale Chess

Sara Lewis is the perfect example of the “ideal employee.”  Not only does she excel in her own job responsibilities, she is always looking for opportunities to help others.    Sara is extremely dependable, and I don’t think she has ever missed work in her more than four years with the company.   She requires very little direction.    Sara just knows what needs to get done and just does it.   I don’t know how we would survive without her.   Thank you Sara! Nominated by Matt Graham

Some clients also asked if they could recognize one of our internal Helpside employees. We are flattered and of course said yes.

Skyler C. – Payroll Specialist at Helpside

Helpside seems to have the knack of hiring or training great people.  I’ve only worked with Skyler Crandall a short time (worked with Ann Armitage prior – she was also wonderful), but he has never failed to help me no matter what I throw at him.  He is a pleasure to work with and is always knowledgeable, professional and quick to respond to any inquiry I may ask.  I look forward to our brief, but friendly weekly exchanges and feel you have got a real gem on your hands.   Thank you for this opportunity to acknowledge his outstanding work.  Thank you and thank you Skyler. Nominated by Sammy Jo Hunt at Olsenbeal

Ellen C. – Payroll Specialist at Helpside

I want to thank Ellen for stepping in and solving some issues our company had in submitting payroll reports.  She is a wonderful and very pleasant woman to work with.  Thanks Ellen. Nominated by Connie Wells

Thank you to all of the amazing employees who work so hard for our clients. It is impossible to name everyone who has made an impact. Also thank you to all of the Helpside employees who make it enjoyable to come to work each day.