We love the opportunity to celebrate the amazing employees that work with our clients for National Employee Appreciation Day! This year we invited our clients to share the story of an employee that goes above and beyond in their company.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Kenton P. – Olson’s Greenhouse 

Kenton is ALWAYS happy and positive! He is the first person to volunteer for an assignment or help others without being asked. He is an awesome member of our team at Olson’s! Nominated by Adrienne W.  

William J. – Peak Measurement $ Analysis 

He works hard at troubleshooting & problem solving. He is eager to learn & implement what he learns. Nominated by Jennifer R.  

Tamara  – Smith Knowles Attorneys 

Tamara has a great work ethic, gets the detail right, and is friendly and pleasantNominated by Donna Ruth M.  

Matthew W.  YouScience

Matt always jumps in to solve any problem that is blocking our progress toward a goal. It does not matter if it is in his job description, role, function or not – if it needs to be done and Matt can help, he does. This willingness to be a team player regardless of circumstance is always appreciated but has been especially important during 2020. Matt believes not only in smart work, but hard work. He has been a superstar this year! Nominated by Edson B.  

Dave R. – Nelson Contractors 

Dave is such a hard worker, and he keeps at anything given to him until it’s done properly. He will stop what he’s doing to help another employee. He will work outside of his “job description” to help the company get the job done. Nominated by Kathy C.  

 Anthony J. – Landon’s Diesel Service 

Anthony has a wonderful work ethic, great attitude with coworkers, and is always willing to go above & beyond for our customers. Nominated by Nichole S.  

Kelly F. – Little Adventures 

Kelly is an amazing Customer Service Specialist that uses a unique, creative flair to keep our customers happy and satisfied. She has a magical way of turning an unhappy customer into a loyal fan. She is always willing to take on side projects to help others on the team and can type at lightning-fast speeds, accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently. Kelly is valued by everyone on the team. Nominated by Jenny H.  

Emma I. – Big Red Jelly 

Emma is a great example to me because she is great with clients and truly understands their needs right from the start. She is a wonderful collaborator and teacher, but more importantly is a great friend to me, and everyone here on the team. Her authenticity, creativity, kindness, and work ethic cant be beat. Emma is the best!! Nominated by Mary Kate M.  

June L.  Idaho Arthritis Center 

June always works hard and always has a smile on her face. She has been challenged recently with an “overwhelming” workload but continues to be positiveNominated by Dan T 

Katie P.  Allreds 

In her 20 + years of employment with Allred’s Inc., Katie has certainly left her mark and worked her way to the top. Katie is not only our Credit Manager, but she is also the Vice President of our Company. Katie is also a member of our Officer group, as well as a board member. She has a wealth of knowledge (although she will never admit it ) and is everyone’s go to gal. Her door is always open and at times revolving. She truly is the life of the party in our small office setting and always has everyone’s best interest at heart. How awesome it would be to give her something back. Nominated by Lynn S.  

Suzanne W. – Archibald Tire Pros 

We nominate our fantastic receptionist, Suzanne.  She was diagnosed, treated and beat breast cancer all in 2020.  She only missed a couple of days of work.  Suzanne has incredible strength.  Towards the end of her treatment, she lost her dear mother. We hope for a smoother 2021 for her. Nominated by Jeffrey A.  

John P. – Boreal Property Management 

John is always going above and beyond for both his employees and our clients.  John works until all hours of the night to make sure that his job is complete, and never complains.  He is a true gem! Nominated by Judy.  

Ahmet B. – ADS Steel Detailing 

Ahmet is very positive, a great leader for the team.  He goes out of his way to be sure things are done correctly, leading by example and always has words of encouragement for everyone. Nominated by Kathi G.  

Paul E.  Smart Solutions 

Paul is always patient with our customers, especially those that may be difficult to work with. No matter how busy or overwhelmed he may be, he takes the time to make each of our customers feel like they are the most important customer we have. Nominated by Bobbi W.  

Doug G. – GCI Product Engineering 

Doug is a new Engineer, fresh out of college.  He has worked hard to learn everything from new software to inspection protocols with a great attitude.  He is extremely responsible and a great addition to the team. Kathi G. 

Lum L.  MKE Steel Detailing 

Lum is a strong worker, he persists in his work until a job is done.  He unselfishly trains others as needed, and doesn’t have to be asked to do so. Nominated by Kathi G. 

Candace R.  Social 5 

Candace does a wonderful job welcoming new customers to our services via an onboarding call.  Her warmth and professionalism make a positive impact on our new customers.  And her attention to detail ensures that our services are launched on-time and with good communication throughout the process. Nominated by Judson S.  

Christa J. – Astoria Hot Springs 

During our January/February precautionary COVID closure at Astoria Hot Springs, Christa called, emailed and refunded hundreds of reservations. She also updated the website and posted on social media so no one would make the drive and find our facility closed. Nominated by Todd S.  

Katherine B.  Little Learners of Price 

An amazing attribute of Katherine’s is her kindness, and devotion to make our facility better for everyone. She is always on time and is always outgoing and going above and beyond her job responsibilities. She makes our days better for sure! Nominated by JoAnna 

Hailey N. – Dynasthetics 

Hailey is one of those rare employees who anticipates problems and adjusts to create solutions accordingly. She has continuously displayed the ability to come up with creative ways of dealing with issues that could easily be blamed on technology. Most importantly, she can always be counted on and has the business’s best interest at heart in all situations. This is more commonly displayed by older, more experienced workers and she has grasped this concept early in her career. Nominated by Steve B.  

Beth S.  G3 Solar 

Beth is an incredible problem solver and the go-to person in the office when company challenges arise. No one takes more pride in their work than Beth; which is evident through her impressive sensitivity to details and her desire to make corporate operations run as efficiently as possible. Beth is also very kind and considerate. She has, unprompted, taken on the role of office cheermeister, planning social events and birthday celebrations making employees feel recognized and valued. No one has done more for office moral than Beth. Nominated by Lynn M.  

Troy N.  Castle Rock Interior Solutions 

No matter what he is asked to do, he does with the best attitude. Everyone wants to work with him because of his attitude and the way he makes the day better. Besides that he works hard to help our team accomplish its goals for the day. He does hard work. He is a laborer and works in the worst conditions. This is what makes his attitude so amazing! Nominated by Matthew P.  

Nidal S. – Dynasthetics 

He is always willing to help and find ways to make our product betterNominated by Joseph O.  

Bobbi   WhiteCap Institute 

Bobbi works tireless for any amount of hours necessary to get a job done. Nominated by Matt H.  

Tanner W. – Teleira 

He ensures our day to day accounting procedures run smoothly which means for the first time in over a year I can focus less on cashflow and more on overall company operations. The peace of mind and load off of my chest have been noticeable and greatly appreciated! Nominated by KanaMarie P.  

Autumn P. – Nutriient 

Autumn leads her team by example, holds everyone to a high standard and cares deeply for each employee. Nominated by Jake H.  

Cory D. – YWCA of Sweetwater County 

Cory is an amazingly flexible person. She is always willing to lend a helping hand in whatever area needs assistance. She got out of her comfort zone and learned to use technology to do her office work and teach remote financial education classes.  She also took on the challenge of learning the payroll system when our company had to downsize the accounting department. She is upbeat, zany, friendly, and fun to be around. Nominated by Cheryl P. 

Deborah W. – Coign Capital Advisors
Deborah cares deeply about the company & clients. She is hardworking and goes above & beyond expectationsNominated by Heather S.  

Jay L. – Hearth and Hill 

Jay is a valued member of our team at Hearth and Hill who embodies our culture of teamwork and respect. He has made an impressive transition from a busser and barback to a creative and confident bartender. Guests love watching Jay shake up unique cocktails behind the bar and appreciate his great service! Nominated by Kori D.  

Amy J. – Heritage Health Center 

Amy has been and continues to be a fabulous employee. Always completing added tasks without being asked and embracing new tasks, challenges, and leadership roles. She is actively working to change cultural norms and institute a positive work environment. Nominated by Colette M.  

Christopher L.  Blue EQ 

Chris always has a positive attitude and always brings his A game.  He is our longest tenured sales rep in an industry that generally has high turnover. Nominated by Wade H.  

Christopher C. – Utah Foundation 

Christopher has mastered a range of skills that he is pleased to bring to the table at work. While he serves primarily as a Senior Analyst on staff, he can write code and design graphics; on multiple occasions, he has found ways to save us money through technology improvements; and his computer tech skills mean we don’t need to outsource for assistance. Nominated by Peter R.  

Micah O. – Klymit 

I appreciate Micah’s constant willingness to help with online page build projects for any retailer’s website. He has expertise in this and his help produces nice results in sales across the web for our value add retail partnersNominated by Bart M.  

Ariana W. – Reddish Pharmacy 

Our head technician moved back to Oregon just before Thanksgiving and Ariana has made leaps and bounds to step up and fill that huge void.  She has taken on much more responsibility and has become that go to person that we desperately needed. Nominated by Kevin R.  

Elizabeth B. – The Liquor Store at Jackson Hole 

Liz has been a wonderful positive influence on the entire team, especially since COVID hit. Liz is a highrisk individual and after being home for a few months was more than ready to return to work. Liz has been flexible with her work schedule, the first to volunteer to take on new duties. Liz is always in a cheerful mood; being around her will lift anyone’s spirits. Nominated by Stephan A.  

Wendy B. Everbase Security Solutions

Wendy is new to our team but she handles things like a champ!  Despite being new, she has sure stepped up to the plate while her department has been short staffed. Thanks for the good work and care you give to the company. Nominated by Liz C.

Joshua P. – Global Surveillance

Joshua has stepped up in these past few months striving to lead his team by example.  Not only is he showing great effort while at work but he is putting in time to learn and grow off the clock. We are looking forward to what he will achieve. Nominated by Liz C.


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