Issues of gender inequality in the workplace are becoming front-page news. With the various equality movements, business leaders need to be more conscientious of potential bias and discrimination in their policies. You might be unsure of how to best go about making your workplace more gender equal. Here are some quick tips to help you increase gender equality in your workplace: 

Review Your Pay Practices 

The pay gap between men and women is something talked about frequently. One way to make your company more gender equal is to ensure equal pay for all groups. Be transparent with your pay rates and pay scales. Not only will it make your company more gender equal, it will increase retention for female employees.  

Include Everyone 

Whether it’s at a work party or the layout of your office, ask all employees to share their opinions. Focus on making work activities appeal to diverse groups. Take note of places where unconscious bias might creep into your company policies.  

This can apply to your recruiting process as well. Language you use in job descriptions can be gendered and repel certain candidates. Be careful to include terms that can apply to all genders. Additionally, you want a diverse group of people to be interviewing job candidates. This will help more people in your company to be involved with the recruiting process and will make job candidates more assured of your company’s gender equality.  

Delegate Equally  

Women tend to volunteer more oftenAs a leader, you might be happy to have any volunteers at all. However, only delegating tasks to women, even if they are volunteers, can cause inequality in your workplace. If you can’t get a more diverse group to volunteer, consider assigning delegations so everyone has an equal amount of responsibility.  

Following these tips will help you be sensitive to gender equality in your workplace.