A lot of normal business functions have been turned remote, including the hiring processBecause of the change in scenery new difficulties may arise. One of these difficulties can be interviews. When interviewing remotely technology can fail, people may have trouble getting on, and it can be hard to tell the character of a job candidate. Choosing a bad hire can be detrimental to your company, whether they work virtually or not. Here are some ways you can recognize a bad hire over video interviews:

Ask Good Questions

A big part of conducting a successful interview is asking the right questions. To weed out those that may not be the best fit, ask questions about previous experiences working through difficult situations. For example, you can say “tell us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult co-worker or manager”. Questions like this will give you insight into an individual’s behavior and values.

Focus on Behavior

Even on a video call you can learn quite a bit about others’ behavior. Pay attention to how they behave towards you and the others in the interview. Take stock of their appearance. Did they try to look nice for the interview? Ask yourself if they were polite, on time, and civil. Chances are, if the candidate behaves unkindly in an interview, they will be unkind during regular work days. 

Get a Second Opinion

By yourself it can be easy to miss things or make mistakes. Having others helping you can reduce the risk of making a bad hire. Bring other people into the video interviews, preferably the people who will be working with the new hire. They will give better insight into what is needed for the job and what kind of person wouldn’t be right for the job.

Hiring the wrong employee can cause frustration in your company. Use these tips to avoid making a bad hire, even during video interviews.