There are always dozens of things on your plate when you’re a business leader. From day-to-day business management to taking care of customers to compliance issues to employee management and everything in between, your time and resources may be spread thin. One solution to this is to start outsourcing some of your responsibilities, including human resources. HR is a complicated part of running your business that requires a lot of experience and legal knowledge to carry out effectively. Outsourcing HR may be something your company can benefit from. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing HR:

Save Time

HR tasks can take up a lot of time that could be put to other things. Tasks like onboarding, drug testing, trainings, responding to employee verifications and garnishments, and unemployment claims can be handled by an HR outsourcing company. With these things taken care of, you will have more time on your hands to spend on other business needs.

Legal Protection

Businesses with employees are subject to federal and state employment laws. These laws can get complicated quickly and put you at risk of lawsuit and fines. With a HR professional on your side, you can avoid falling into compliance traps. For example, Helpside’s HR service includes free consultations with our HR professionals so you can ensure you stay in compliance with the laws and regulations that impact your company.

Save Money

Another option for securing HR support for your business is to hire an in-house HR department. While this is an option, it is much more expensive than outsourcing your HR. In most cases, hiring just one HR employee in your company would still be more expensive than your yearly outsourcing bill. If that’s the case, imagine how much hiring a full HR team could cost you. Additionally, HR outsourcing companies often offer benefits plans. These benefits plans are offered at a discounted price, potentially saving you money on employee benefits in additional to gaining professional support.

Hiring and Retention Assistance

Hiring and retaining good talent is a challenge business owners face frequently. When you partner with a HR outsourcing company, you receive support for the hiring process, such as background checks and onboarding, as well as periodic trainings that can increase motivation and employee retention. Keeping those employees you’ve worked hard to get on your team can be a huge benefit to your company.

Want to Outsource HR?

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