Making decisions is a part of our everyday lives. As our level of responsibility increases, so does the number of choices we make every day. It is estimated that an average adult makes around 35,000 conscious decisions each day.  

In a work environment, there are hundreds of decisions to be made every single day. Employers and managers are constantly making impactful long-term decisions, so here are some ways to be a better decision maker.  

Use the 10-10-10 rule  

When employers or managers are faced with more long-term decisions, they should consider using the 10-10-10 rule.  

This rule involves asking yourself, “How will I feel about this decision in…”  

  • 10 minutes 
  • 10 months 
  • 10 years  

This method allows you to deeply consider the decision you are faced with and how it will affect you and your company short-term versus long-term. When we make rash decisions, they often leave us feeling regretful minutes later, so it is important to consider the impact of the decisions you must make.  

Know your goals 

When you keep your company goals in mind, it will help your decisions become more straightforward. It is always important to make sure decisions take your company in the right direction, and keeping goals in mind will help you to navigate through the choices you have to make.  

Learn from past decisions 

With every decision that is made, there are consequences, whether they are good or bad. Reflect on past choices and their outcomes to help you make a current decision. Identify areas for improvement in your past decisions and what could have been changed to provide a better outcome.  

Involve others  

It can be beneficial to include coworkers in your decision-making process. Getting insight and opinions from others can help you make the best decision for your company. Involving others in making a decision can also help you gain confidence in the decision that was made because you know several people all came to the same conclusion.  

Employers make hundreds of decisions every single day for their business, so it is important to constantly improve decision making skills. Employers should consider following these steps to help them make the best decisions possible for their business.