Everyone wants to feel confident in their abilities even when times are challenging. Being a leader is stressful enough without having to worry about your capabilities. Luckily, like any other attribute, confidence can be cultivated and grown. Here are some of the best ways to grow your confidence as a leader:  

Try Something New 

A lack of confidence can be fueled by believing you are incapable of doing something. If you feel inadequate because you believe you can’t do something, then try to do that something. Oftentimes things are much easier than we think. Attempting something you’re nervous to try can boost your confidence and make other challenges seem less daunting.  

Think Positively 

Negative thoughts can really hurt your confidence. Though it’s nearly impossible to get rid of all negative thoughts, the way you respond to them can turn negatives into positives. When you have negative thoughts, redirect your train of thought to something more positive. You can do this through positive affirmations or internal pep talks.  

Be Open to New Experiences 

Being curious and open to new experiences helps you to learn and grow. When you’re learning something new, your brain is focused on learning instead of worrying or being negative. Also, learning a new skill or talent can make you feel more confident and capable in every area of your life.  

Avoid Comparison  

One of the quickest ways to destroy your confidence is to start comparing yourself with others. There’s always going to be someone that appears to be working harder, longer, or better than you think you are. Redirect your thoughts if you find yourself stuck in a comparison trap. Social media can make it harder to avoid comparison, so avoid spending too much idle time there.  

Being confident in your skills as a leader can be a huge game changer for your mental health and work patterns. Apply these tips in your life to grow your confidence.