Creating a work environment where employees feel safe, uplifted, motivated, and empowered will help retain top employees. 64% of employees have experienced working in a toxic environment, and 44% blamed leadership for creating that type of workspace.  

To keep your employees happy, you must create a workspace that they can thrive in. Here are three ways to create a positive work environment for your employees.   

Prioritize healthy work relationships  

A positive work environment includes employees being friendly with their peers and having managers that are supportive and encouraging. Your employees will feel more motivated to go to work each day when they know their coworkers and feel supported by them. Encourage your employees to engage with each other and create those healthy coworker relationships.  

It can also be beneficial to conduct team activities and give your employees time to work with each other. This can help build teamwork skills and it will help create friendly relationships.  

Managers are also a huge part of healthy work relationships. Instead of micromanaging and acting superior to their team, managers need to be uplifting, motivating, and encouraging their employees. It is important for managers to get adequate training in how to manage a team and what qualities and traits are expected of them.  

When managers encourage healthy work relationships, it can help make the work environment more positive.  

Encourage creativity  

If your employees have insight or ideas, encourage them to share their thoughts. In a survey, 84% of employers agreed that innovation in the workplace is important, so leaders should encourage employees to speak up about their ideas.  

Leaders should frequently ask employees for their opinion. Ask your employees what could be done to increase company morale. Talk to them about their goals and if they think they are realistic. Ask your employees for their thoughts and ideas. When you listen to your employees and act upon their requests and ideas, it will not only help retain them, but it will also create a positive work environment.   

Do not tolerate discrimination or harassment  

Employees spend up to 40 hours a week surrounded by the same people, so it is important to make sure that discrimination and harassment is not tolerated. Leaders need to make sure their employees always feel safe and comfortable in the office. If an employee talks to a leader about a situation that involves discrimination or harassment, leaders need to resolve the issue immediately.  

Discrimination and harassment will not only lead to potential penalties, but it can also lead to employees wanting to leave your company. To keep your employees feeling safe, it is important to make it known that discrimination and harassment is not tolerated and that there will be consequences if someone initiates it.