A positive work environment is necessary for motivation and productivity. You might be unconsciously causing your work environment to be a negative one. Changing small habits can allow your work environment to be a better one. Here are some things you’ll want to consider changing about how you lead:

Treat Your Employees Like Adults

Your employees are intelligent people who know how to do their job, otherwise, you would not have hired them. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Don’t be overly controlling of your employees as they do their jobs. Things don’t always need to be done exactly the way you would do them. Instead, allow your employees to have some autonomy in their work. Show that you trust your employees and take time to recognize their good work

Respond Well to Employee Critique 

Being defensive or dismissive when receiving critique will only discourage employees from sharing their opinions. Refrain from defending your position when being given feedback. Try to hear your employees out first before explaining yourself. Always listen to your employees feedback, even if you disagree. It will make your employees feel more appreciated and they will be more likely to share their opinions later. 

Show You Care

Take time for your employees. Schedule individual appointments with your employees to receive and give relevant feedback. Don’t skim over employee reports. Give your time and respect to the work your employees do. Give them all of the information they need to complete projects. Additionally, don’t use punishment as your way of dealing with all workplace issues. Instead, engage in conversations to improve behavior and trust. 

Follow these three tips and share them with your management team to create a more positive work environment for you and your employees.