Negative feedback is hard to receive. It can make you feel discouraged and inadequate. However, there are ways to make sure that you can put a positive spin on any negative feedback you may receive. Here are some tips:  

Write Down Your Feelings 

When you receive negative feedback or a negative comment, despite how true it is, you are likely to feel discouraged or frustrated. Taking a moment to write those things down will help you to feel validated and be able to move on from negative feedback. Consider getting a journal or notebook to record those negative feelings when they come.  

Give Yourself a Victory 

A good way to combat negativity is to get something done. If you’re feeling down after receiving negative feedback, find a way to create a small win. Some ideas are crossing something off your to-do list, finish a report, clear your desk, or something else small. This will help you to feel better about your own capabilities and think about negative feedback without berating yourself.  

Practice Mindfulness 

Using mindfulness to focus in will help to reduce anxiety and stress. This can help to put you in the right mindset when receiving negative feedback. Learn a couple of mindfulness techniques to use when confronted with negative feedback.  

Stay Away from Unnecessary Negativity 

Negative feedback can be helpful, but not in excess and not from certain sources. For example, going on the internet and looking at reviews of your company may not be the best place for you to look for constructive feedback. Stay away from unnecessary sources of negativity to stay happier and more productive.  

Use these tips yourself or share them with your employees to encourage positivity with negative feedback company wide.