An unmotivated employee can lead to lower productivity, higher safety risks, and higher rates of turnover. Because of this, your leaders should make keeping employees motivated a top priority. While employees can be motivated by external motivators, like bonuses or prizes, the most impactful motivation is intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is motivation to do something because it is meaningful or good, not because of an outside incentive. Here’s how to foster intrinsic motivation in your employees: 

Do Something Meaningful 

A great way to create intrinsic motivation is to make employees feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Share why your company started with your employees. Help them see how their work and the company as a whole impacts the community in a positive way. You can also create this feeling by doing something meaningful as a company. This can be donating to a charity in the company’s name, committing to going green, or creating/sponsoring a service project. All of these meaningful activities will boost your reputation as a company and make your employees intrinsically motivated to do good because they’re a part of a company that does good.  

Have Forward Thinking Conversations 

Of course you plan for the future, trying to see possible roadblocks and make changes, but how involved are employees in this process? If you include employees in goal setting and planning, they are more likely to work hard to meet those goals. Having something to work toward as a team is incredibly motivating. 

Provide Volunteer Opportunities 

Service is something that makes people feel happy and motivated. Giving your employees opportunities to volunteer for service projects or charity organizations will help them feel more motivated to do good in your workplace. Is there a charity that is in line with your company mission? Partner with them for a project. Or, ask employees what organizations they would like to see you support. 

Motivated employees are more engaged, satisfied, and productive. Focus on these tips to improve the intrinsic motivation among your employees.