43% of employees do not feel valued by their employer. When employees do not feel valued for their efforts, it can increase turnover and quiet quitting. Leaders should make their employees a priority and seek out ways to make them feel appreciated. 

Here are four ways to make your employees feel important.  

Celebrate work anniversaries  

Leaders should keep track of big milestones for employees and celebrate them, even if it is just a kind email thanking the employee for their efforts. When leaders take the time to congratulate their employees on work anniversaries, it will make them feel valued and noticed by the company.  

Provide fair compensation  

To help retain employees, ensure you are paying them fair compensation. If an employee has been continually going above and beyond then it may be time to reevaluate their current compensation. Ensuring that employees are compensated fairly creates a sense of importance and value within the company. 

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Offer flexibility  

Hard-working, loyal employees want to be rewarded for their efforts, but the rewards they desire may not always come in the form of money. 94% of employees want flexibility when they work. Flexibility comes in many forms, so consider asking your employees what kind of flexibility they desire and then figure out how that can be implemented into their schedule.  

Communicate growth opportunities  

Employees want to advance in their career, so frequently communicate with them about growth opportunities. For example, if you have an employee who has constantly been a top performer at the company, consider talking to them about future advancement opportunities. This communicates to the employee that your company is committed to having them long-term.  

Leaders should always be looking for ways to make their employees feel important. When employees feel like they matter, it reduces turnover and increases loyalty and commitment to the company.