Studies show that over 85% of employees are confused about their employer’s benefits offering. Employees often find themselves puzzled and overwhelmed about their coverage options and plan choices, so it can be beneficial for employers to help their employees understand benefits.  

Here are three reasons why most employees do not understand benefits, and three ways to improve their education.  

Why your employees may not understand benefits  


Employees often have busy schedules with both their work and home life. Between the demands of work, financial responsibilities, and personal commitments, employees simply do not have enough time to learn the intricacies of benefits.   


Many employees find themselves confused about benefits because of the lack of guidance and resources they have. Oftentimes, employees are also unfamiliar with certain insurance terminology which can lead to further confusion. While many employees want benefits, most of them do not know enough information to make decisions during open enrollment.  


Benefits are complex, which leaves employees feeling overwhelmed about the idea of learning more about them. It can be challenging for employees to discern the most suitable options for their needs, which can lead to them feeling overwhelmed with options.  


How employers can help educate their employees 

Clear and accessible information  

Create user-friendly benefit guides and materials that can help educate your employees on the benefits your company offers. Create pamphlets, online video tutorials, or infographics that your employees can easily access to learn more about benefits. Ensure your employees are aware of these resources through public announcements.   

Educational meetings 

Dedicate specific meetings to discuss and review your company’s benefits program. These meetings can help answer any questions that your employees may have, and further educate them about which benefits they may find valuable.  

It is important to hold these meetings prior to open enrollment that way employees have time to consider their benefits options 

Employee surveys 

Conducting surveys can be a great way for employees to open up about their confusion and questions regarding benefits. Surveys also allow employees to express their opinions and preferences about benefits which can help ensure that employers are offering valuable benefits.  


Employers should prioritize educating their employees about the benefits their company offers. This will help employees make the best decisions for themselves and take away some of their financial stress and burdens.  

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