If performance reviews are done correctly, they can help ensure that you and your employees are on the same page and that employee efforts are targeted at reaching company goals. If not, performance reviews can feel like a waste of time for everyone. Here are some tips for improving your performance reviews: 


Performance reviews should be two-way conversations. You and your employees will get more out of performance reviews if you listen to your employee. Make sure your employees understand that this is a great time to bring up questions, concerns, successes, and suggestions. Actively listening and taking notes on their comments can help signal to your employee that you are invested in what they are saying.  

Stay Involved Between Reviews 

Performances reviews won’t be very effective if neither you or your employees act on feedback given in the review. Use your notes from each review to remind yourself of what you and your employees are working towards. Set up times to check in with employees about issues that need improvement or projects that need progress checks.  

Review Everyone 

When performance reviews are being done, no one should skip the process, including you. Give your employees opportunities to review the leaders and managers at your company. This will keep performance reviews from feeling one sided and will give you helpful feedback for future improvement.  

Keep it Private 

All results of performance reviews should stay between the reviewer and the reviewee. In the case of manager reviews, employees are more likely to give honest and helpful feedback if they know their comments will be kept anonymous.  

Performance reviews can have a positive effect on your company if they’re done right. Use this advice for better performance reviews.