Even after you’ve gone through the process of interviewing, extending a job, and having a candidate accept the job, your new hire can still ghost you. In a survey, 66% of managers said they had new hires disappear after accepting the job. Here are some ways for you to retain new hires: 

Stay in Touch

Keep regular contact with any job candidates throughout the recruitment process. This can drastically decrease your chances of being ghosted by new hires. Try to help new hires form connections and relationships in your company so they’re in contact with more people and can feel more secure going into a new job. 

Set Appropriate Expectations

Giving a new hire a job they didn’t apply for seems crazy, right? You might accidentally be misadvertising the job you’re hiring for. Make sure you’re accurately representing the job in your job description, job postings, and during the interview. This way, job candidates can have appropriate expectations of what they’ll be doing. 

Inform new hires of what they should expect on their first day. Show them where they’ll be working, and consider introducing them to employees that work around them. Get into specifics, like where to park and how to dress so your new hires feel prepared for their first day. This will take away a lot of uncertainty from the new hire and help them feel confident about their place in your company. 

Consider What You’re Offering

Some job candidates leave because they get a better offer from somewhere else. Use a salary survey to figure out what you should be paying new employees. Not all employees are only looking for money. New hires can be looking for better benefits or development opportunities. Look at your competition and the job candidates’ interests to figure out what you should be offering. 

Use these tips to increase your chances of getting new hires to stay.