Vulnerability is something that comes with great benefits, but can also be frightening. It’s hard to open up about what you’re struggling with, especially to your employees. However, being able to be a vulnerable leader can help your workplace be more understanding and can help your employees to be more empathetic. These are some ways to make leading with vulnerability easier: 

Be Clear

Being vulnerable does not mean being timid. Giving timid or vague instructions will only increase confusion in your workplace. Be very clear about what needs to be done and about what you need help with. Your employees will appreciate the clarity and will be able to do their jobs better because of it. Take the time to think out or write down instructions or questions before you voice them. This will help you to be clear in your communication with your employees and say what you need to say. 

Give Honest Feedback

Provide your employees with honest feedback. When you give honest feedback, it will be easier for your employees to change or continue doing certain behaviors. However, you don’t want to criticize your employees and leave them without a way to improve. Make sure that when you give feedback, you also provide the resources for employees to get back on track

Ask Questions

An ability to ask questions is a big part of vulnerability. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you don’t know something or that you need help. Take time to ask questions for clarification. Consider occasionally reaching out to people outside your organization or in a different department for advice. The outside perspective can be beneficial to your company as well as your leadership experience. 

Being vulnerable doesn’t have to be scary. Following these tips is a good place to start.