There is certain required training every employer should consider for their workplace to maintain legal compliance. These include things like harassment and discrimination training and basic safety training. Certain industries or companies may also want to improve the workplace. This type of training can be effective and doesn’t have to be tedious. Here are some tips to get better results out of your compliance training:

Slow Down the Training Process

Most of the time, required training is done during the onboarding process. New hires are usually thrown a lot of information in the first month of their job, making it hard to retain anything. Try to spread your training over a few months to give employees time to process the information. This will make sure the information stays with your employees and will give you better results. 

Put Action In Your Training

Just going over information won’t make the ideas stick in your employees’ minds. Putting action in your training process can help employees to understand the concepts better. Some ideas are role-plays or putting employees through hypothetical scenarios. This will give you a better feel of how well your employees will apply the training in their jobs. And it will help your employees to understand and act on training better. 

Give Reasons

Don’t force training on employees without telling them the reason for the training. If employees know the reason, they are more likely to be motivated to complete and listen to the training. 

Focus on the Most Important Information

Trying to fit every detail into training will only overwhelm your employees. Focus on the major points of your compliance training. This will assure that your employees understand the most important parts of your training. 

Repeat The Training

After time, your employees will probably forget parts of your training simply because their memory isn’t good enough to remember everything. Repeating your training periodically can help with retention and also helps employees to understand its importance. We recommend repeating harassment training every year. 

Use these tips to adjust your compliance training to get better results.