Employees are the key to any great organization. Employees take care of your customers, get difficult work done, and help maintain your company culture. Without your employees, your business would likely be a shell of itself. Even though employees can make your company great, problem employees can bring your company down. Here are three common employee problems and their solutions:  


When an employee misses work frequently, it causes a decrease in productivity and employee morale. Most people are happy to pick up the slack for a coworker every once in a while, but it can be frustrating if an employee is absent often. The first step to dealing with this issue is to have a discussion with the employee who is missing work. Ask them why they aren’t able to work their normal schedule and find out if there are any solutions the company can offer. Keep in mind that the ADA and FMLA may come into play if a medical condition is preventing an employee from being able to work. Having an open conversation about your expectations for attendance allows employees to explain what is going on so you can work together to find a solution.  

Negative Speech 

Excessive negativity can creates an uncomfortable work environment for everyone. Whether it’s about work, clients, or coworkers, negative speech can impact morale and motivationStopping negativity starts with having a conversation with negative employees explaining why the behavior is harmful. Set up consequences if the behavior continues and make those consequences known to everyone in your company so they don’t replicate the poor behaviorIf the poor behavior continues, consider further consequences or termination if necessary.  


Theft can have a huge negative impact on your company regardless of what is stolen. If you find things missing beyond normal misplacement, do not leave the issue to fester. Discourage stealing throughout your company and set clear consequences for stealing. You can also set up surveillance cameras or additional security to deter stealing.  

Problems will always arise with employees, but they don’t need to control your company. If you want to know the HR implications with these or other issues, contact Helpside at service@helpside.com