There are many places where you can get online or in-person forklift training. But the question is, which is better? Bother types of trainings have pros and cons that may have different effects on your company. Here are pros and cons for in-person and online forklift certification, so you can choose which one is best for your company.  

In-Person Forklift Training 


  • In-person training gives trainees more hands-on experience with the content.  
  • Questions can be asked easily when face-to-face with a trainer.  
  • All necessary training happens at once. 


  • It can be hard to coordinate with trainers and trainees. 
  • In-person training is more expensive. 


Online Forklift Training 


  • Online forklift training is less expensive than in-person. 
  • The trainings can be completed on employees’ own time, so there’s no need to coordinate.  
  • Online training is flexible, so it can take less time out of your day.  


  • Online training doesn’t include the mandatory hands-on portion of the training, so it has to be supplemented separately.  
  • IT or internet issues can easily put a stop to trainings.  


Does OSHA Recognize Online Forklift Certification Training?  

There are three parts to forklift certification training: classroom instruction, practical training, and evaluation of performance. Online training can only cover the classroom instruction portion. Because of this, if you choose to do an online training program, it will have to be supplemented with in-person practical training and evaluation.  

Where to Get Online or In-Person Forklift Certification in Utah 

Helpside offers both in-person and online forklift certification training. Additionally, our online training comes with supplementary practical training and evaluation, so you don’t need to go to another source to complete your certification. If you want to learn more about our forklift training, click the button below or contact us at 

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