Small business leaders must wear many hats. They are also tasked with doing more with less. This often means they are strapped for time and resources, and always looking for ways to be more productive. One of the best ways to ensure you have a great week, is to prepare each Friday. A recent article from Fast Company suggests that you set an appointment with yourself, and don’t move it or cancel it. During this time ask yourself these three questions:

Are my activities aligning with my goals?

Do a quick gut check at the end of each week to make sure that the places you are focusing your energy are those that are getting you to your goals. If that is not the case, make a plan to change that for the next week.

Where am I at with my “someday” goals?

We all have things we’d like to get to “someday” but we haven’t actually set a deadline for. Take time each week to review just one of these goals and decide if you are ready to get more specific with making it happen. Doing this helps ensure that you don’t let these things sit on the back burner forever.

What loose ends need tied up?

Review your to do list and see what things you can tackle immediately to get them off your plate. Clean up your email inbox. Check your calendar so you know what is coming up next week. Clear off any loose papers on your desk, so you can start the week out with a clean work environment.

Ending your week on a positive note is a great way to make sure you can enjoy your week and get your next week off on right foot. Share these ideas with the leaders in your organization and encourage them to give it a try.