96% of employees say they would only consider working at a company that focuses on employee wellbeing. With employee burnout increasing and engagement rates being the lowest they have been in years; it is important for leaders to prioritize employee wellbeing to increase productivity and retention 

Here are four ways to prioritize employee wellbeing in your company:  

Health and wellness programs  

Provide programs to your employees that encourage physical health, such as gym memberships, wellness challenges, and employer-sponsored health plans that offer preventative health screenings. Offering your employees opportunities to enhance their physical health can offer numerous benefits, such as:  

  • Reduced stress  
  • Increased motivation  
  • Improved mental health  
  • Increased retention  

Flexible breaks  

If your company requires a strict eight-hour workday, then it is important to still incorporate flexibility to retain employees and prioritize their wellbeing. One way to do this is to allow employees to take breaks throughout the workday.  In both an office and remote setting, leaders should encourage their employees to take breaks throughout the day and grab a snack, stretch their legs, take a walk, check their phone, etc.  

Encouraging employees to take a break during the workday can help prevent mental fatigue and increase relaxation and motivation 

Encourage workload balance 

The term “work-life balance” is frequently mentioned, and while it is important, promoting workload balance is also essential. Workload balance means that employers are giving their employees a reasonable amount of work and manageable deadlines. When employees are given a reasonable workload, it reduces stress and anxiety and increases confidence and productivity.  

Foster a sense of belonging  

Make your employees feel like they are valued and needed in the company. When employees feel like their work makes an impact in the company, it can improve their mental health and wellbeing.  

Another way to foster a sense of belonging is by eliminating discrimination and harassment. Ensuring employees feel safe and valued at work is crucial and will improve their wellbeing.  

Creating a workplace that prioritizes employee wellbeing will make your company a place employees enjoy being part of, making it easier to recruit new employees and leading to greater employee retention.