The class of 2024 will bring a new set of skilled and educated individuals into the workforce. These soon-to-be graduates are in their last year of college, and they are looking ahead at prospective employers.  

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming graduates and what they are looking for in companies.  

Job security  

The graduating class of 2024 has heard a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it may impact their future career paths. This demographic mostly consists of Gen Z students, and 52% of Gen Z workers have been worried about being replaced by AI.  

Discussions surrounding AI potentially replacing human jobs have prompted these graduates to prioritize finding job security in a company. These graduates want to be reassured that their job will not be replaced by AI because their employer sees the value of human employees.  

Work/life balance  

66% of students have said that a work/life balance is very important in deciding where to work. Here are some examples of what graduates are looking for:  


Graduates want flexible work hours which means they are able to decide their start and end times. Having a flexible schedule also includes paid breaks, paid lunch, and summer work hours.  

Hybrid/remote options 

Providing employees with the option to work hybrid or fully remote is not only a great way to retain current employees, but it is also a great way to attract this new class entering the workforce. Consider providing hybrid or remote positions at your company.  

Paid leave  

Graduates are looking for companies that offer paid leave. Paid leave is a great way to give your employees time to focus on their personal life while not worrying about any financial burdens. Paid time off allows employees to take some time for themselves whether they are sick, on vacation, or have an urgent matter to attend to.  

Competitive pay  

With living costs increasing, graduates are looking for a job that can sustain them financially. Salary projections for those earning a bachelor’s degree in 2024 are higher than last year’s graduating class because of the increases in living costs.  

Employers should ensure their pay is competitive to help attract new graduates, and to also retain their employees.  

Every year, about 1.1 million graduates enter the workforce. With so many college graduates about to enter the workforce, it is important to know what they are looking for in a company.  

As you look to hire the next generation of workers, understanding how they value job security, work/life balance, and competitive pay to help retain current employees and to attract these upcoming graduates.