When attending a work conference out of town, you may need to stay overnight. This involves finding sleeping arrangements for you and your employees. Finding a place at a price you can afford can be difficult, and you may be tempted to have your employees double up in rooms to save moneyThere are a few reasons why this can be a risky choice: 

  • There is a higher risk of harassment and discrimination: Having two employees alone in a room could create an environment for harassment or discrimination to occur. Remember, harassment can occur between people of the same gender. If one of these do occur, there are no witnesses present to confirm or deny the claims. This can be dangerous to your employees and put you at risk of breaking the Civil Rights Act.  
  • It can create awkward or uncomfortable situations: An employee sharing a room with someone at a different level in your company might feel uncomfortable or worried about the appearance they present to their superior. This can also occur in the other direction.  
  • Your employees might not get the rest they need: If you have an introverted employeerest requires being separate from people. They can’t get the rest they need if they are forced into contact with others. Additionally, some employees may snore, be night owls, or wake up early. None of these are bad on their own but become difficult when with another person.  

So, what are you supposed to do about your budget? There are ways to save money on a business trip other than doubling up. Some are:  

  • Staying at a less expensive hotel 
  • Carpooling with employees
  • Traveling for fewer days 
  • Charging travel fees to clients 
  • Contracting with the hotel to get a corporate of non-profit rate for rooms 

Use these tips to have a comfortable and affordable business trip.