Companies across America will be celebrating Safety Week this week, May 1-5, 2017. While a commitment to safety must extend beyond one week, participating in Safety Week activities is a great way to refocus and reenergize your commitment to reducing injuries in your organization.

The purpose of Safety Week is to:

  1. Thank employees for supporting safety and recognizing their efforts to be injury free
  2. Increase awareness of the importance of being committed to safety every day.
  3. Inspire all companies to share best practices and to work together to strength overall safety culture.
  4. Celebrate the need to be injury free.
  5. Conduct on-site safety awareness activities to support education.

One great way to recognize Safety Week in your organization is with a short Safety Toolbox Meeting at the beginning of each day, highlighting a common safety issue.

Here are some resources to get you started. Across the construction industry and among our clients, falls including slips and trips on the same level as well as falls from elevation are the most common injury.

  • OSHA recently released updated their rules regarding General Industry Walking Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standards. These standards do not apply to the construction or agriculture industries, but do impact workers in all other industries from painters, to janitors, to window washers, and warehouse workers. If you are a general industry employer, now is a great time review these updated standards and share them with your employees.

We encourage all employers, to take this opportunity to jumpstart your safety program and demonstrate your commitment to a safety workplace by participating the Safety Week. Even more resources can be found at or contact our Safety Director, Nick Baird for even more ideas at or (801) 443-1090.