Owners, executives, supervisors, and managers have a significant impact on the company they lead. Employees look for their approval and want to receive positive attention from their leaders. How a business leader chooses to behave around their employees will influence the employees’ behavior for better or worse. Additionally, a business leader’s choices, attitudes, and actions affect the company’s reputation and overall success. Because of this, business leaders have to be good examples of company values at all times. Here are the behaviors you should practice as a business leader to set a good example:  

Give Constructive Criticism 

Letting problems fester will not only set a bad example for your employees but will also make your culture more toxic. When there are issues that need to be addressed, address them in a kind and helpful way. Ask your employees for feedback on your feedback so you can give better constructive criticism. This will allow you and your employees to grow in your company together.  


A company full of people that talk over each other is a company that doesn’t get much done. If you want to hear the creative solutions and opinions of the people you work with, you need to stop and listen. Give others your full attention when they are talking and ask follow-up questions to make sure you understand. This behavior will encourage communication and creative problem solving in your company.  

Be Accountable 

If you want your employees to be honest and take responsibility for their work, then you have to start. Own up to your mistakes and apologize for them publicly when applicable. Give others the credit they deserve for the work they do. Reward honest employees who admit their mistakes. Doing these things will make your entire workforce more accountable for their actions.  

All business leaders want their company to succeed. Share these tips with the leaders in your organization to make sure you’re setting a good example for your employees.