If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past couple years, it’s that tough times can happen even when we prepare for the worst. This isn’t a reason to be pessimistic, but it is a reason to evaluate how your company runs. There are some leadership skills and practices that can make running your company easier when hard times come. Here are some ways for you to lead effectively when times are tough:

Make Room for Discussion

Though it’s hard to talk about challenges, ignoring issues can often make them worse. Additionally, if employees feel that you are avoiding talking about obvious problems, they may feel afraid and lose trust in your company. Often, transparency is the best choice in a difficult situation. One good idea for starting that transparency early on is to send out an official statement. Depending on the situation, this statement may be directed towards just employees or employees and clients. State the issue and your plan for dealing with the issue as clearly as possible. This will bring comfort to your company and will create room for honest discussions that promote progress.

Check Employee Wellness

Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. If you want to make it through a difficult time you should make sure your employees are ready and able to work. Invite your employees to speak up about issues they’re experiencing and listen to them. If employees feel they are listened to and cared for during a hard time, they will be more motivated, happier, and more confident in their abilities and the company’s capabilities.

Work Hard

Being a leader doesn’t make you exempt from doing hard work. In fact, when business gets difficult you will have to work harder than before. Sometimes you may need to pick up slack in areas of your business you aren’t used to working in to make things work. Being willing to take on the necessary work to get your business out of a difficult situation is vital to your business’s survival. Also, your employees will see your dedication to your company’s success and are likely to follow suite. Just make sure that for your health and safety you incorporate as much of a work-life balance as possible, even during difficulties.

Stay Positive

It’s completely normal to feel discouraged and stressed during a tough time. However, keeping a positive mindset while working through trouble can be very beneficial. Attempting to focus on the positive can help you find more creative solutions and will boost your mental wellness.

Difficult things can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a way to deal with them. Use this advice to make sure your business comes out on top.