Empathy is an important attribute to have as a leader, especially during difficult times. Employees and clients alike will look to you to see how you react to challenges. Dealing with challenges with empathy will help employees and clients to trust you. Here are some ways to lead with empathy during difficult times:

Don’t Overwhelm

When things are going wrong, it’s good to have transparency with your employees and clients to clear the air. However, sharing too much can quickly become overwhelming for others. Regulate how much information you are sharing with your employees and clients. Make sure it’s only the necessary information and try to send it all at the same time, not in a bunch of different emails or notifications. This is a considerate way to balance people’s need for information while not overwhelming them.

Show Concern

No one will be able to tell you’re empathetic if you never show it. When difficult things happen, make sure to be vocal about what you are doing to deal with it. Do everything you can to make things easier for employees and clients during challenges. Be open about any changes you make and how they will help the situation.

Improve Your Community

There are countless opportunities for you to help out in your community. Have employees help you find causes in the community to supportThis will help you to be able to make an important difference in your community and clients will associate your business with service. Additionally, your employees will feel important to have their work going towards something bigger than them.

Follow this advice to lead your company with more empathy.