Boosting the productivity in your company has been a focus of leaders for a long time. There are many ways to boost productivity, but not all of them are very effective. The best way to increase productivity is through inspiration and motivation. Here are ways to use inspiration and motivation to boost productivity in your company:


Motivation is using an outside factor to encourage productivity. This would be like offering a reward if a project is completed by a certain deadline. Rewards are flexible and can vary from a bonus to recognition. You can also use motivators that are not tied to a specific project of deadline. Pay attention to employee requests, ask for feedback, and offer leadership opportunities. All of these will be an incentive for your employees to do more efficient work.


Inspiration is a great way to increase productivity, and it works in a different way than motivation. Inspiration is when employees are encouraged to do good work by something inside of them. Using inspiration means helping your employees see how their work directly contributes to your company’s values and goals. Making sure your leaders are living the company’s values and being very clear about how their work contributes to company goals will set a good example. Then, your employees will be inspired to follow your leaders’ examples and work to benefit the company.

Another way to inspire your employees is to focus on their individual goals and progress. When employees feel they have room to improve and will be rewarded for their advancement, they are more likely to work hard. Encourage employees and comment on their progress to encourage them to be more productive.

Think about the ways you can use motivation and inspiration in your workplace.