We all know that happy employees are more motivated and productive. But there are other reasons for keeping your employees happy. When employees are unhappy, it can cause permanent harm to their health. Here are some examples:  

Happy Employees Get Better Sleep 

If your employees are unhappy with their work, they are more likely to get less sleep and/or have poor sleep quality. On the other hand, happy employees have better energy, focus, and sleep.  

Happy Employees Take Less Sick Days 

There are many health benefits that come from being happy, and if employees are happy at work, those benefits increase. Happy employees might get sick less often than those who are unhappy which increases the productivity in your company.  

Happy Employees Might Live Longer 

Even though work satisfaction improving life-span hasn’t been proved, there are many studies to prove that overall happiness can increase how long you live. Making your employees happy might be saving their life, or at least, a couple of years of it.  

Now that you know the value of having happy employees, how can you make your employees happier? 

Spread Positivity 

It’s difficult to be happy in a negative environment. To spread positivity you can give positive feedback, compliment people, and thank your employees for their hard work. This will create a much happier work environment for you and your employees.  

Enforce Work-Life Balance 

Your employees won’t be happy at work if they feel like they’re sacrificing their lives to be successful at their job. Make sure you’re assigning employees reasonable workloads that allow them time for other activities and self-care. Doing this will help your employees come to work energized and happy.  

Ask Your Employees 

To understand what would make your employees happier, why don’t you ask your employees? Consider sending out a survey asking your employees what they want improved in your company. Your employees will appreciate the concern for their wants and having a say in what happens in your company.  

Having happy employees is a huge benefit to your company. Take action to make your workplace a happier place to be.