With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more people than ever are transitioning to remote work. Even if your employees are separated and working from home, there are meetings that need to happen to keep your company going. A great way to have these meetings is through video conferencing. Here is some basic etiquette for video conferencing:

Be Aware

In a video conference with multiple attendees, having more than one microphone on makes it very difficult to communicate. Be aware of your video settings during the video conference. Make sure your microphone is off when others are talking and your microphone is on when you’re trying to talkIt is also a good idea to test your microphone before joining the video conference to make sure you’ll be able to communicate.

It can be easy to get distracted when on a video conference, so you need to make an effort to stay engaged. Look into the camera when listening to others. Share comments like you would in a regular meeting. It can be tempting to do other work, such as checking emails, while on a video conference. However, other attendees will know you’re not paying attention. Be respectful of your co-workers and give them your full attention.

Look Professional

You may be at home, but you should still treat video conferences as an in-person meeting. Dress in appropriate work clothes. This will help you to treat the video conference professionally and help others to treat you as a professional.

Additionally, you should be conscientious about your surroundings. You don’t want to have an unflattering angle or have lighting that makes you look like you’re in a horror movie. Take the time to find (or make) a clean, light space with appropriate surroundings. Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed and put your camera at about eye level. This will make you look more professional.

Adjusting to remote work can be difficult. Use and share these tips to help everyone in your company make the change smoothly.