70% of people say that their managers have a greater impact on their mental health than their doctor or therapist. Unfortunately, work stress follows most people home. Work stress can affect well-being, relationships, and home life.  

According to a Human Resources Management survey, 84% of employees say their work stress is caused by managers and 57% of Americans say the workplace could benefit from training employees how to be a better manager.  

Since managers have such a great impact on their employees’ overall well-being, here are some ways that managers can create a positive influence in the workplace:   

What makes a poor manager?  

There is a common saying that workers do not leave a job, they leave a manager. Managers have a significant impact on their employees, so when they are untrained or inexperienced, it can quickly create a negative work environment. Here are some traits that employees do not like in their managers.  

  • Micromanagement: Some managers feel the need to constantly control their employees and make sure work is getting done and goals are being reached. However, employees want to feel trusted in getting work done.  
  • Poor listening: When an employee approaches a manager about a concern, they want to feel listened to and validated. Unfortunately, 83% of workers do not feel listened to, which creates many internal conflicts within the workplace.  
  • Disorganization: When managers miss meetings, lose documents, do not properly plan, and provide incorrect information, it can cause a lot of disorganization in the workplace. Disorganization will cause both managers and employees great stress which will not provide a positive work environment.  
  • Not soliciting feedback: In order to solicit feedback, you must first be a good listener. It is important for managers to listen and apply feedback rather than neglect it. When managers do not solicit feedback, it does not allow issues to be resolved.  

How to be an effective manager 

Since managers have so much influence on their employees, it is important for them to create a safe and positive work environment. Having an effective and trained manager can enhance the performance of employees and lower the quit rate. According to a Gallup study, 70% of employees’ motivation and engagement is influenced by their manager.  

Here are some ways to be an effective manager:  

  • Maintain open communication 
  • Support team collaboration 
  • Set clear expectations
  •  Provide and receive feedback
  • Listen to your team 
  • Acknowledge hard work and success 
  • Set a positive example 
  • Have a positive attitude 
  • Establish achievable goals 

Managers have a greater impact than doctors and therapists, so it is important for managers to effectively use the influence they have. Since most employees bring home their work stress, managers should make sure they are not the cause of stress.