What many people have named the Great Resignation, which started at the beginning of COVID-19, is still having effect on businesses today. Many employees are leaving their current jobs in search of a workplace better suited to their needs and preferences. This trend has drastically changed how employers approach hiring and retention and will continue to do so. Here are some tips for managing this change in expectations to help you retain your employees moving forward:

Offer Flexible Work Options

One benefit that most employees are looking for is workplace flexibility. Employees with dependents, long commutes, or busy schedules love the idea of a more flexible schedule. Flexible scheduling options include remote work, four-day workweeks, hybrid work, earlier or later start times, and more. If it’s not possible for you to offer remote work, offering paid time off can give employees the flexibility they want. Offering flexible schedule options will give your employees more incentive to stay with your company.

Play to Employee’s Strengths

Most people enjoy doing the things they’re good at. As you manage your employees you want to use their talents to yours and their advantage. If you allow employees to work with their strengths, they will feel more satisfied in their jobs and want to stay with the company. Correcting weaknesses and cross-training roles are great things to do for company security, but make sure you are also giving employees room to grow with their strengths.

Encourage Accountability

Accountability should be a company-wide policy at your workplace. Managers and employees alike should take responsibility for their failures and their successes. Being open about your own mistakes can help others own up to their mistakes so you can deal with problems faster. Additionally, if you openly praise other workers for a job well done, other people will start to do the same. This open communication and recognition of others’ work can increase motivation and decrease the problems that come with miscommunication.

Dealing with the changes in the business world is never easy. Follow this advice to make sure your employees want to stay with your company even as the expectations for employers change.