A popular trend in our current workforce is flexible scheduling. People can work from home, come in late and stay late, come in early and leave early, and a whole variety of other options. This flexibility is very beneficial to employee morale, and engagementHowever, it can be difficult to manage employees that run on completely different schedules and are in different places especially if your leaders are used to everyone being in the same place at the same time. Here are some ways to make sure all your employees are united, despite differences in schedules:

Keep Culture Uniform

With employees working at different times in different places, it can be hard to keep your company culture consistent. Make sure you’re consistently emphasizing the values you have as a company. If employees know the values, it will be easier for them to feel like they’re a part of the company.

Have Regular Meetings

This can be hard with employees with flexible schedules, but it is possible. Consider doing meetings through a video call so remote employees and on-site employees can both participate. This will help keep everyone updated on what your company is doing and what needs to be done in the future.

Enforce Policies and Rules

Even though your employees will be in different places at different times, they should all be held to the same standard. Don’t make exceptions for people on rules, no matter the schedule. This will promote a feeling of unity and fairness in your company and will ensure that quality work is being done.

Follow this advice to help your company stay united, even with flexible schedules.