An employee who questions the status quo, particularly when it comes to company processes can be both a blessing and a challenge. These types of rebellious employees can help you rethink long-held beliefs and present opportunities for new ideas. But on the other hand, sometimes these employees upset those around them that may be resistant to change. Managing rebellious employees without crushing their creativity or making other people upset is a tricky balance. Here are some ways to more efficiently manage rebellious employees: 

Know the Facts 

Maybe you have a rebellious employee that, as other people in your company have informed you, isn’t following procedure. There is a consequence for not following company procedure, but make sure you get the facts. Talk to the employee and ask them why they aren’t following the procedure to get their side of things. Also, look at the results the rebellious employee is getting to determine if they’re not being productive.  

Make Sure Every Employee is Valued 

One of the big issues with managing a rebellious employee is how it makes the other people in your company feel. They will feel like you’re picking favorites or that you’re making special exceptions. Make sure to still treat people fairly, and help employees understand the proper way to bring up concerns with standard processes. Disrespectful behavior should never be tolerated. There is a right way to challenge authority. 

Come Up With a Compromise 

No matter how productive a rebellious employee is, there are some company processes that must be fulfilled. Additionally, other employees will begin to lose motivation if you hold one employee to different standards than you hold them to. Find a way to allow for flexibility for all your employees, not just for the rebellious ones. Also create a policy to enforce company procedures. If you are having trouble with this, consider gathering your employees’ ideas and concerns or getting help from our HR team