It may feel chaotic as COVID-19 spreads across our communities. Being a business leader during this chaotic time can be stressful and worryingHowever, there are ways for you to lead through the chaos that will help preserve your business. Here are some:

Be Realistic 

As you’re making decisions through chaos, you need to come to term with the facts of the situation. Staying un-realistically optimistic and just assuming everything will be fine will hurt your company. This doesn’t mean you can’t be positivebut that you need to be realistic in your expectations and language with others. Doing this will help your employees know that you’re dealing with the situation.

Address Fears

Your clients and employees probably have a lot of different concerns about the coronavirus. Some of their fears may go beyond fear of getting sickMake sure you are asking people about their worries and doing your best to address those concerns. This will help your employees and clients feel taken care of and appreciated.

Focus on Your Teams

The coronavirus is making it so more and more people are working from home. Your employees might be among those now working from homeStaying in contact with your employees is a good way to keep up productivity and motivation. Schedule virtual meetings with your team members to update each other on work and normal life. It’s a good idea to have one-on-one check ins with individual team members to make sure they feel listened to. Taking the time to reach out to members of your team will help team building continue virtually.

Plan for the Future

Through all of this, it’s important to remember that it’s only a temporary situation. Do what you can to get through, but also look for opportunities that will help you after everything returns to normal.

Use this advice to get your company through the COVID-19 pandemic as smoothly as possible.