This time of year it is natural for people to talk about their goals. It can be a great time to start a conversation within your organization about where you are and where you want to be. To be successful , everyone the organization from the CEO to management to line level employees should set goals for the new year that align with the company’s overall strategy. An article in Entrepreneur gives 4 tips for aligning employee goals with corporate goals.

Publicize the company’s mission
For how incredibly important this is to both employee goal setting and overall employee engagement, it is shocking how few companies do this. Only 41% of employees polled in a study by Gallup know what makes their company and their brand stand out from competitors. Share your company’s vision and mission with employees and remind them often that they are part of something important.

Boost employee confidence
People like to succeed and be recognized for that success. If an employee has previously set goals and was not recognized for achieving them, they will be less likely to continue to participate in goal setting. Be generous with positive feedback and employees know when they are doing something well.

Set employees up for success
Give employees the tools and resources they need to meet company goals and personal goals. Also, help with the getting process making sure to follow the SMART acronym:

S = Smart
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

Monitor progress on a regular basis
Revisiting goals throughout the year, either through informal conversations or performance reviews is important to keep everyone on track. It also gives the opportunity to adjust goals as needed if they are found to be unattainable or priorities change. If you aren’t hitting milestones in your goals, it is time to determine if the goal or the performance needs to change.

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