A Plus Benefits is pleased to offer an exciting new addition to the benefits available to your organization.

SilverSaver® PMA (Precious Metal Account) is a voluntary after-tax deduction that allows employees to accumulate physical gold and silver.  There is no company cost to offer this program to your employees. It is not designed to replace any retirement savings, such as a 401(k) already in place, but simply provides an additional option, allowing employees to diversify their savings into tangible assets.

University endowments, central banks and well-known investors have a portion (5-20%) of their savings in silver and gold as a type of financial assurance that no other asset class provides.  SilverSaver® PMA provides that level of security and financial assurance to employees, who can elect to participate for as little as $10 per pay period.  Each payroll deduction purchases a physical weight of gold or silver that is exclusively owned and stored at a depository in Delaware in each employee’s name.  Even though saving in precious metals is an intermediate to long-term prospect, accounts are very liquid and there are no penalties for withdrawals.  Employees can also ship the product of their choice to their homes.

We have been participating in the program internally for several months and can speak to the convenience and benefits of SilverSaver® PMA.  We would like the opportunity to schedule a short 20 minute meeting with your employees, to review the benefit and allow them to sign up.

SilverSaver® Employee Brochure and Signup Form: http://silversaverpma.com/application/assets/marketing/SilverSaver-PMA-Employee-Brochure.pdf

For more information about the program, please watch the two videos below.  The first is a short introduction for employees and the second contains a lot of the information that has been shared with employees across the country during new-hire and enrollment meetings.

SilverSaver® PMA – Employee Overview (2:28): http://silversaverpma.com/buy-gold-and-silver-payroll-deducted/introductory-video/

How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion with Your Paycheck (12:37): http://silversaverpma.com/buy-gold-and-silver-payroll-deducted/bullion-video/

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can schedule a time to share this exciting opportunity with your employees.