Generation Z is the newest batch of workers entering the workforce. Because of the recent changes to how we work, some of these new workers will come straight into the remote workforce without ever working in-person. This can make onboarding difficult because not only have these new employees never experienced your company culture or made relationships with your employees, but they’ve never experienced any company culture or made relationships with co-workers. Despite the difficulties, you can still make onboarding Gen Z employees remotely work to your advantage. Here’s how: 

Create Traditions 

A big part of in-person work are the traditions that allow for unity and socialization. Small things like going for a walk with co-worker, chatting during lunch, and swapping stories with the person working close to you are all miniature traditions that form from being in-person. Starting informal online chats, hosting meetings for normal conversation, and connecting new employees with the people they work with can help give new Gen Z employees traditions and unify them with the company.  

Facilitate Learning Experiences 

In an in-person environment, it’s easy to ask questions to the person next to you or walk to your manager’s office. But in a remote environment it can be much harder for employees to ask questions, get a clear answer, or learn something new. To combat this, you can create learning opportunities to mitigate confusion. These can be available to remote workers through online seminars or online learning programs. Additionally, you can create a place for remote employees to ask questions and get answers quickly. 

Hold Frequent Reviews 

Onboarding requires a lot of communication for it to be effective. Because of this, frequent one-on-one meetings can be extremely helpful for any new remote hires. These touchpoints are a great time to let new hires know where they’re succeeding, where they’re falling short, and any changes that need to be made or have been made. Also, a performance review is a great place for employees to ask questions and better get to know the company they work for. 

Onboarding employees remotely in our new world can be a challenge for you and the new hire. Apply this advice to your hiring process to better onboard remote Gen Z employees.