In your company, you may have a lot of different departments doing different things. Sometimes, these departments are even be split up across multiple locations. This is how organizational silos form. An organizational silo is when one department primarily works and communicates with people in their own departments, and not others in the company. Having silos present in your company can be detrimental to employee productivity, morale, and engagement. Here are some ways to break down those silos and encourage cross-company collaboration:

Create Proximity

Having your departments physically work close together can help to promote teamwork. Whenever possible, keep your teams close to each otherIf you can’t fit everyone in one specific area or you have remote workers, then try to make the distance as short as possible and incorporate technology that allows them to effectively communicate with their teams.

Have Public Communication

Address your entire company with news, updates, goals, successes, and failures. You can do this through frequent company wide meetings. This will help foster a feeling of community throughout your company and keep everyone working towards the same goals. Once again, be sure to use technology to include individuals who may work away from the main office.

Promote Cross-Company Teamwork

When different departments work together it helps things get done faster and more efficiently. Encourage your employees to work together on difficult projects. This will build trust, empathy, and understanding across your entire company.

Discourage Competition

If there’s internal competition in your company, departments might withhold information from other departments to gain a competitive advantage. This would make it hard for any department to get work done. Make sure your entire company knows that you succeed and fail togetherDoing this can help you to encourage teamwork in your company.

Use these tips to get rid of silos in your own company and encourage teamwork.