Everybody makes mistakes from time to time, including leaders. These mistakes can either be a learning opportunity or a detriment to your progress depending on how you act after a mistake. If you find ways to learn and change after a mistake, your employees are likely to do the same. However, if you choose to shy away from your mistakes, you’ll find your employees doing the same. Here are some ways to take responsibility for and learn from your mistakes:

Take it Public

Being willing to admit to your employees that you did something wrong is a huge step in owning your mistakes. This can be especially impactful if your mistake affects many people at your company. A good way to present the information is to state the error, share who it affects, then specify what you will be doing to fix the situation. But if the mistake isn’t relevant to your work or doesn’t affect your employees, sharing it may cause more damage than good.

Look for a Lesson

When you make a mistake there is always something you can learn from it. Evaluate the situation. What would make it easier to deal with this problem? Could the problem have been avoided? How? Is there a process you can put in place to avoid this mistake in the future? Asking these questions and others can help you to learn something and apply better practices in your company.

Set a Process

Once you’ve learned how to improve, it’s important to act. Take steps to put better processes into use to prevent future mistakes. This may include creating ways for employees to report mistakes quickly and easily. Be sure to share any procedural changes with all your employees so everyone remains on the same page.

While everyone makes mistakes, not everyone knows how to grow from them. Follow this advice to set an example of owning and learning from your mistakes in your company.