The current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are rapidly changing how we interact with one another. Additionally, recent natural disasters, including windstorms knocking out power and forest fires burning in many places, have caused additional disruption to businesses. Six months ago, the idea that a paper paycheck would not be a reliable way to provide wages to employees seemed unimaginable. So did the idea that it may not be safe for employees to come into their place of employment to physically pick up a hard check. One solution to both of these problems is paperless payroll, including employee direct deposit. There are two major benefits to switching to paperless payroll.

Keeping Yourself and Your Employees Safe

Some of the recommendations to keep yourself and your employees healthy include limiting close in-person contact and limiting high-touch surfaces. You may have seen how some coffeeshops and restaurants are using bins or trays to deliver your food and drinks to limit the number of people touching your items before you receive them.

Paper paychecks are like food in restaurants: they require a lot of touchpoints. The checks are handled by multiple people before they reach you. Once the paper checks get to your office, you will have employees coming in to pick up their paychecks. This probably means you have employees congregating in close quarters, unable to practice safe social distancing.

Taking it further, consider what employees must do after they receive their paper check. Most will go into a bank or check-cashing facility, once again interacting with more people and creating more touchpoints.

Direct deposit and online pay stubs eliminate this unnecessary contact and help create a safer environment for both you and your employees.

Minimizing Payroll Disruptions

Consider what would happen if one of your employees was quarantined due to exposure or infection of COVID-19 or any other communicable disease. If they receive a paper paycheck, they may not have access to those funds until they are able to safely come into the office to pick up their paycheck. This may lead some employees who may be infectious to come in anyway, even when they should be quarantined, potentially exposing you and other employees.

Additionally, if your office needs to be closed due to COVID-19, inclement weather, or any other reason, your employees will still receive their pay if they have direct deposit.

We understand that in the past, paperless payroll may have seemed like an annoyance to some who were used to receiving paper paychecks and paystubs, but the benefits far outweigh any discomfort about the change.

Helpside offers a 100% paperless payroll option that allows you to continue safely paying your employees in any situation. We strongly encourage all clients to consider this option, as paperless payroll is an easy way to prevent disruption.

Paperless payroll means that all employees receive their pay through direct deposit, either into a bank account or using a Wisely Pay Card. Employees can access and print their pay stub information online on the Helpside Tools website. Payroll invoices and reports for the business can also be accessed online through the PrismHR MSS Portal or sent via email by your Helpside Payroll Specialist, even if everyone is working from home. Payment to Helpside can be done via ACH or Wire Transfer.

If you have questions about how to implement paperless payroll for your organization, please contact your Helpside Payroll Specialist.