PEOs can help small businesses in all industries streamline their administrative functions like payroll, taxes, and employee benefits and get back to focusing on their success. Have you ever wondered why businesses in white-collar or blue-collar industries choose to work with a PEO? Here are some of the benefits our clients have seen: 


Companies in blue-collar industries, like construction or manufacturing, may initially come to a PEO in hopes of saving money on workers’ compensation or improving their safety program. PEOs provide unique cost-savings in workers’ compensation and offer safety evaluations and training to ensure employees make it home safe and healthy at the end of each shift.  


Companies in white-collar industries may not have the same need to help with workers’ compensation and employee safety, but they still benefit from a PEO relationship. With the shift to more remote work in white-collar settings, employers are now able to recruit employees from across the country. While this can help you find the very best people, it adds a new layer of complexity when it comes to compliance. Each state has its own rules for employers and having employees in multiple states means you need to be up to speed on the law changes in each of those states. PEOs can help to make employers aware of changes in employment laws and how that effects their business. In addition, PEOs help provide technology solutions for small businesses that make it easier to onboard and support remote employees.  


Even though the white-collar and blue-collar industries vary, there are some PEO services that benefit both. PEOs can allow small businesses to provide a variety of benefits to their employees that they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own. These competitive benefits options can help businesses to attract and retain the best possible employees. Helpside offers many employee benefits including medical, dental, vision, HSA, FSA, hospital indemnity, life, LTD, STD, critical illness, accident insurance, travel assistance, and 401(k). Clients are able to build a customized employee benefits package that best meets the needs of their employees. PEOs can free up business owners’ schedules, allowing them more time to focus on the growth and success of their employees and their business instead of spending time on administrative duties such as payroll, employment verifications, unemployment claims, background checks, employment taxes and much more.  

Though white-collar and blue-collar industries are different, PEOs can help both types of companies to overcome unique challenges. If you are interested in partnering with a PEO or if you want more information contact Helpside at