Hiring a new employee is an important decision always impacts your company. If you end up hiring a poor fit, your company, your employees, and the new hire might suffer as a result. Additionally, if you hire a poor fit, they are likely to leave your company, giving your company onboarding and resignation costs without any returns. To avoid these negative outcomes, you must be careful to avoid bad hiring practices. Here are some hiring practices you should avoid:

Hiring Broadly

While hiring within a large demographic range is a good idea, hiring for a large range of skills may not be. If you’re hiring for a specific position, there are certain requirements that are needed for that position. Hiring for too many talents may leave you with a new hire without the experience to complete their job despite being a talented employee. Take the time to understand what skills you’re hiring for before starting the recruiting process, so you get a well-qualified employee.

Not Sharing a Career Path

If you want a new hire to stay with your company for a long time, they need to know they will progress in that time. Very few individuals are happy in a stagnant job. During the hiring process you should be clear about the kind of growth the new hire can expect and at what intervals they should expect it. Being transparent about this is important because if an employee finds out later that their career path isn’t what they expected, they may feel slighted and resign.

Sugarcoating Challenges

When you’re trying to hire a new employee, you may want to make things out to be better than they are. After all, you are trying to sell the position, right? The danger of this is if the employee joins your company, they can be overwhelmed by problems they weren’t equipped to take on. Alternately, they may feel you were dishonest to them, which can result in resignation. Be honest about what challenges there are with the position as well as what help they can expect to receive with those challenges. This honesty will attract and retain qualified employees.

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