Due to COVID-19, most aspects of our lives have been subject to a new normal including recruiting new employees. Job seekers are looking for new things in potential jobs and have different wants than they did just a few months ago. As a business leader, you need to stay up to date on your branding and outward messages to attract new hires. Here are some ways to do that:

Prioritize Safety

A lot of people are nervous due to the new risks COVID-19 poses to their health in their daily life. Make sure to advertise the measures you are taking to reduce the risk of the coronavirus to your employees. A good way to advertise safety is through job postings. When you are writing a job posting, include safetyrelated expectations to let job seekers know you’re serious about safety.

Show Stability

Millions of people have lost jobs because of coronavirus and things are changing daily. Most people are desperate for some sense of stability in their lives. While recruiting, you need to show things that demonstrate stability. Some of these include sharing what long-term benefits you offer and emphasizing a focus on employee development. Another thing you can do is share how you handled COVID-19. Showing possible recruits how you made it through a difficult problem may help them to trust your company to provide stability in the future.

Use Technology

Face-to-face contact has been severely limited due to COVID-19. Because of this, the recruiting process has been a lot more difficult than it used to be. However, there are ways to make the recruiting process work virtually. First, you need to have a strong, online presence that accurately represents your company culture. Many companies have shifted to 100% online interviews using videoconferencing technology. Remote onboarding can also reduce some of the anxiety associated with in-person meetings. Helpside is able to help clients provide 100% online onboarding options. Another good idea is to offer remote work, as some recruits may feel nervous about working in an office.

While you may not be looking to add to your team right away, we expect these sentiments to continue for many months. Consider reviewing your recruiting process now, so you are prepared should you need to add to your team in the future.