When you started your business, you probably envisioned creating the type of workplace that you would like to have as an employee. However, it can be easy for toxic behaviors or people to sneak into your workplace despite your best efforts. Here are things you can do to stop toxic behaviors from spreading in your workplace: 

Enforce Healthy Norms 

Most people tend to follow what’s already being done, and this applies to your workforce as well. If there is a standard for respectful, kind behavior, then your workforce is more likely to be kind and respectful. On the flip side, if poor behaviors are normal, then a toxic environment will be quick to form. Make sure your leaders set an example of healthy behaviors in your company to encourage a healthy environment.  

Show Appreciation 

When workers feel appreciated, they are less likely to engage in toxic behaviors or be negatively affected by toxic behaviors. Make an effort to honestly recognize the good work your employees do. Recognize them frequently and in front of their peers. This will create an environment of trust and will make it hard for any toxic behaviors to sneak in. 

Act Quickly 

If toxic behaviors start to show up in your workplace, you need to act quickly. Address the behavior quickly with the individualsEvaluate how the behaviors made their way into your company and, if necessary, set new policies to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Additionally, you should talk to the individuals affected by the behaviors to make sure they have everything they need to feel safe in their working environment.  

Dealing with toxic behaviors in the workplace can be difficult and uncomfortable, but nothing will be solved by simply hoping the behaviors (or people) will just go away. Reach out to Helpside if you need assistance.