COVID-19 is causing a lot of additional stress in everybody’s livesToo much stress can quickly lead to burnout. Burnout is when you’ve worked yourself to the point of exhaustion and disengagement. Everyone is susceptible to burnout, and in our current environment it’s important to take precautions against burnoutHere are some ways for you to prevent burnout:

Keep Work and Life Separate

One of the difficulties of working from home is keeping a work-life balance. People tend to work more than they have to when there is no clear boundary between work and life which causes more stress and overworking. Set aside a specific place and time for work. When you are away from this place and you’re off the clock, avoid doing workThis will keep you better balanced and will reduce stress in your life.


When working from home, it’s important to communicate with others frequently, so you can stay connected with the group. Talk to your coworkers and managers to make sure realistic expectation and deadlines are set. You can also use communication to reach out for support when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Reach out to those you know will be positive to help you feel positive as well. Don’t feel afraid to ask for help if you have too much on your plate. Communicating your needs effectively will help you be more successful.

Slow Down

As things get more stressful, you can quickly get burnout. Take some time to slow down during your workday. You can try meditation, calming breaths, or even writing down what’s bothering you or what you need to get done. Allowing yourself to slow down will help you prevent burnout and will keep you calm.

Use this advice and share it with others in your company to prevent burnout.