Turnover is something no business owner wants. It can be devastating to watch valued employees leave and filling their positions can cost you dearly. Working in-person with your employees can give a good feel of when employees are burnt out or thinking of leaving but it can be much harder to get a sense of that with remote workers. Because of that, you need to focus effort towards keeping your remote employees engaged in your company. Here are some ways to prevent remote turnover:  

Make Employees Feel Important 

Everyone wants to feel needed and good at their job. Make sure you’re giving this feeling to your remote employees. Thank your remote employees for their contribution to your company as frequently as you can. You can also invite your remote employees to share their accomplishments on online meetings or chats. This will make remote employees feel valued and be less likely to leave your company.  

Build Relationships 

Work relationships are vital to keeping employees engaged in your company. Most in-person workers will find their own ways to form relationships, but it can be much harder for remote employees. Ask your remote employees questions about their life. Try to engage with them on a regular basis and create channels where their co-workers can reach out easily. Remote employees with strong work relationships are far more likely to stick with your company.  

Be Prepared for Turnover 

Even if you do everything you can to make employees stay, some will still leave. To reduce the effect remote turnover has, spend time preparing for it. Keep employees trained on their other team members’ jobs in case someone quits unexpectedly. Having hiring and termination policies in place will make the process smoother and reduce stress over turnover.  

Turnover happens in every company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prevent it. Use this advice to reduce remote turnover in your own company.